I’ve Been Ever Got Forced to Get Married But Now.. (A Reflection)

I remember crying my eyes out one night in the arms of my other friends at an open karaoke night, hours after I’d sung a happy song on stage. A ballad was played and I suddenly thought of him.

When I was 38, I started picking myself up again. My career improved and I had lots of support from good friends. I started writing again. Another good news: the monster who was once my love was imprisoned for his crimes. It turned out that he was also a sex predator.

Looking back, I know that my life wasn’t always what I had planned it to be. I’m heading 40, but, surprisingly, that’s doesn’t scare me. I still believe in love and marriage, but I’ve never treated it like a “do-or-die” competition. In life, anything can still happen – but you must always work on your own happiness. (Ruby Astari*)


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